Signed Edition of Keith R. Baker's LONGSHOT SERIES: THE BUNDLED SET

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Keith R. Baker Boxed Set 2 Mercantile.jpg

Signed Edition of Keith R. Baker's LONGSHOT SERIES: THE BUNDLED SET


Add signed editions of Keith R. Baker's Longshot Series: The Bundled Set (includes Books 1-3 and the Prequel) to your library. Have them inscribed with a personalized message or opt for signature only. (Available to U.S. residents only.)

Longshot In Missouri | Longshot Into The West | Longshot From Darkness | Bridget's Story

Set against the turbulent background of the US Civil War, the LONGSHOT series introduces characters of depth and substance in a journey to help their nation succeed.  Main character Rob Finn faces difficult personal challenges while pursuing his assignments as a Pinkerton spy and assassin.  His conscience often nags against his orders.

Rob's companions are intriguing folks, as are the historical persons he bumps into such as: Allan Pinkerton, Kirby Smith, Buffalo Bill Cody, Sheriff Henry Plummer, and others.  Their missions carry them as far east as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and west as far as the gold mining districts of Bannack and Virginia City.

Amid breathtaking scenery in the mountains that surround them, a few good men are pitted against corrupt officials and outright bandits and thieves. Wild animals present danger at unexpected turns.  They give and receive life-saving help to and from friendly Indians.  Life in the frontier territories demanded men help one another to survice.  At times some they consider to be friends turn out to be untrue … and therefore deadly.

Join Rob Finn, his friends, family, and enemies for a satisfying ride into the years of 1861 through 1864.  In addition to enjoying the stories in this set, you may even learn some interesting historical facts–many readers and reviewers comment about this very fact.

A bargain at twice the price, the three novels and the short prequel and and should be yours today for only $31.99!

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