Notes to Kilroy

Montana's Apocalyptic Weather

Some good Ol' Apocalypse Weather.

Insane. The temp dropped 19 F in as many minutes and there had to be thousands of Tumbleweeds.

Posted by Tom Forwood Jr on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Notes to Kilroy -

Me (asking the question): What in the world did (do) people without permanent housing do during extended periods of high wind?

Answer: They endure(d) the best they could/can with whatever shelter they could/can find or construct.  Caves are great, unless they are already occupied by vicious critters;  valleys or ravines can be good, until the flood waters show up; partially fallen tree trunks can work - especially with a tarp thrown over, unless whatever is holding them up is not really secured.  I guess Rob and Lonnie may have to endure a big windstorm, so we can find out ...

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