If It's Free, It Must Be Worth Something, Right?

Howdy from Montana, dear reader.

Me again, just in time to notify you of an opportunity, (two actually), to get FREE STUFF from yours truly.  And then there's this other announcement about the second audiobook, and you can get that for FREE as well, if you are willing to agree to review it honestly.  So THREE then!  Yes, THREE opportunities to get FREE STUFF.  But please don't delay.  Act upon this as soon as you read it because, once the FREE STUFF is gone, IT'S GONE.

Details of the eBook giveaway:

Monica (my assistant) insists that we keep things simple enough that even I could follow the instructions, so here goes:


This link that you are reading right now, will take you to the Amazon Giveaway for LONGSHOT IN MISSOURI. Each subscriber who clicks that link has a 1 in 50 chance (or better) of winning a free download.  If you haven't yet read the first novel in this series, this is your chance to score a FREE COPY.  Hurry.  This one expires on or before November 8th.


In about three weeks, several Historical Fiction authors will each be offering one or more books for download either for FREE or at substantial discounts. That special promotion will take place in November from the 11th thru the 13th. Feel free to subscribe here for other multi author giveaways and special offers or just wait for the email I'll be sending out on the first day of that promotion. Please share this promotion with your friends who like to read, especially those who read Historical Fiction.

Longshot Into the West by Keith R. Baker in audiobook


LONGSHOT INTO THE WEST (Longshot series book #2)  has now been produced as an audiobook.  The narration is again done by the talented voice actor A.W. Miller.  If you are willing to leave an honest review after listening to the audible book (digital format), kindly send an email requesting a copy and stating your willingness to write a brief, honest review in exchange for receiving a free copy.  We'll review the requests and draw up to 15 lucky rabbits outta that hat ... 

> Dateline Montana –––––  THIS JUST IN:  FOURTH FREEBIE!!!!!

More Books in Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, or Historical Fantasy will be included in this InstaFreebie PUSH from November 17th thru the 20th.  Watch your email box for a chance to discover free reading material in one of your favorite genres!  Sign up at InstaFreebie.com to receive free eBooks (any format) in the genres of your choice.  The fun just never ends for readers in this genre.

Exciting stuff, eh?  

~ Keith