The 12 Blogs of Christmas

The 12 Blogs of Christmas

*Keith R. Baker is participating in a Christmas blog hop—The 12 Blogs of Christmas. For the next 12 days, you'll meet new authors, read their Christmas blogs, and rekindle your Christmas spirit. 

Other than the piece that I wrote for this year's 12 Blogs of Christmas project, I have not yet read any of them.  I am eager to do so, however.  Each writer brings a different approach and perspective and style, whether sharing an essay, or a scene, a vignette, or other piece reflecting on the theme of this season. I really hope you'll read each of the offerings from this exercise. To paraphrase the well-known 1970 Elton John lyrics of "Your Song", please accept these words:

Our gifts are our words, and these are for you.

In addition to providing readers with brief readings for the holiday, this "blog hop", (as I've just learned it is called), provides authors with an opportunity to share our work through expressing ourselves in the company of our peers.  A rather awesome idea, I think, and I hope you'll read and enjoy all twelve entries.  It reminds me a little of opening one of those Advent Calendars. Again I say, this one is for readers like you.

Who knows? Perhaps you'll discover an author, new to your eyes, whose words resonate within your soul and lift you to some place you'd like to visit.  I hope so.

Merry Christmas.