Longshot From Darkness

Springing Right Along...

Howdy again from Montana, Dear Reader:

Longshot Series Boxed Set  Available on Amazon.com.

Longshot Series Boxed Set Available on Amazon.com.

No, it is not really spring yet, at least not here in Northwest Montana.  This is the best (read: coldest, snowiest, blusteriest) Winter here of the latest twenty or more, according to long-time residents.  Since I never wear socks anyways, I don't always pay close attention to the weather-related goings on of this planet.

This month's newsletter announces the release of the Kindle Edition LONGSHOT Series Boxed Set.  The entire set has been professionally re-formatted with a comprehensive and functional Table of Contents to help you navigate around in the four included volumes (one novelette and three novels).  The set is attractively priced at $7.99 which is a 30% savings over purchasing the individual titles.  And it can be shared with friends or family on other devices!

LONGSHOT FROM DARKNESS (the third book in the series) was released about 60 days ago, and has not yet been promoted separately.  If you've already acquired and enjoyed the other books in the series, you may wish to take advantage of the upcoming promotion for it occurring on March 22, via BookBub and perhaps a few others, on which date it will be FREE to download from Amazon.  Please forward this email and links to reading friends/relatives, neighbors, etc.  Personally, I believe LONGSHOT FROM DARKNESS is the best book of this series.  It is my continued intention to improve the quality of each book I write over those preceding it.  We'll see how that turns out.

We have several writing works-in-progress. Two are historical fiction novels, one is a science-fiction/fantasy novel, and the fourth is so secret that even I am not yet certain to which genre it belongs.  A couple of characters from the LONGSHOT Series may appear in one or both of the historical fiction novels in important roles.  I'll attempt to keep you updated as any of these potential gems approach completion.  Mostly this paragraph is included here to reassure any who are wondering that I have not yet expired.  Mark Twain put it this way in his emailed newsletter: "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."  That man knew how handle truth!

Your kind remarks and comments are always appreciated on Facebook and other social media.  They are absolute life-savers on Amazon and Goodreads, and I thank you for them in advance.

Wishing you continued good reading and all that stuff,


NEW BOOK RELEASED (and serious discounts on 199 books!)

Greetings of cheer in this New Year from northwestern Montana!  It is snowier and colder than most winters here which is good, as it will kill off most of the wimpier bacteria normally hanging around from year-to-year.  There are going to be some really robust microbes floating around this neck of the woods for a couple of years.  They won't have their usual competition for human hosts.  Should make for an interesting tourist season or two...

DATELINE, RONAN, MONTANA December 31, 2016: The third novel of the LONGSHOT series is completed and this newsletter is the announcement of its official release!  The Kindle version of LONGSHOT FROM DARKNESS is available for download from Amazon as of January 12, 2017 at the introductory price of $2.99 for two weeks before increasing to its regular price of $3.99 on January 25. Best get it right away, before you forget.  Time flies and there goes your savings!  The paperback edition should be available shortly.

Getting this book finished took longer than anticipated, for which I apologize.   Thank you for your patience and understanding.   LONGSHOT FROM DARKNESS is much more complex than the first two, and we wrap up a lot of government and Pinkerton business in this one.  The lives of some important characters and the main families from the earlier books of the series are forever changed.  As always, real history, people, and happenings are woven into the fabric of the novel in my attempt to bring you a more enjoyable read. I'm optimistic that the story will make the wait worthwhile.  There is also a bonus link after the end of the story which will give you some interesting documents to look at including maps, articles and research sites.

The Go Big or Go Home Book Promotion is offering 199 ebooks at the sale price of $0.99 each.  LONGSHOT IN MISSOURI is among those being offered at this reduced price in this promotion, in case you've not yet read that first novel of the LONGSHOT series.  Many other reads are available, so this is an opportunity to stock up and save a few bucks, worth the look.  This promotion is one day only on many, if not all, of these books–TODAY!  Don't miss out.

Thanks, again.  Until next time,

~ Keith