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Forget looking at the clock. Look at the CALENDAR!!

Don't tell me that time flies!  Don't I know it?!  It is already May of 2017.  The US Civil War has been over for more than 140 years.

Or has it?

Dear reader,  you are aware that I write Historical Fiction Novels that are based largely upon historical fact.  In order to do so, extensive research into past events is an ongoing part of the daily routine here.  Quite often while researching a particular fact or facet of the history, an unexpected and interesting event or person or item gets uncovered and contributes to the overall effort.  Even more rare than that is the uncovering of an event/person/item of interest that changes the entire direction or even the setting for a story that I've been working with.

Such is the case right now.  My writing plan(s) for 2017 were cast with the idea of completing at least one historical fiction novel (set during the Fur Trading Era of this continent, roughly covering some of the years from about 1760 through about 1845) and one Science Fiction title.  Well! Just forget about that!  The focus now is upon the period at the end of and following the Civil War years.

Some items demand attention more than others.  Temporarily leaving behind the research for the Northern Plains Indians (the Blackfeet Tribes in particular) has been a tough decision for me, but one I hope you'll agree with and even enjoy?  Why is that a tough decision?  Because I get very caught-up in the lives of the people groups that I research. 

So what is drawing me a different time and place?  Learning of the many overlooked (suppressed?) details leading to the creation of THE INDIAN TERRITORY before it became the State of Oklahoma.

To those readers who have urged me to continue with the Longshot Series: Thank you!  While the current work-in-process will not have Longshot in the title, Rob Finn and other characters from that series make reprisal appearances in the upcoming novel.  The new book is planned be part of the FINN Family Chronicles.  While I'm working to complete this one, any of you who've not yet downloaded the prequel, Bridget's Story, in the last series will find it available in this promotion among a wonderful selection of FREE historical fiction books. These are available to you May 1 - 5.

Take advantage of this FREE promotion—fill up your reading device with bunches of brand new books.

Take advantage of this FREE promotion—fill up your reading device with bunches of brand new books.

Enjoy your summer.  It is finally greening up here in the mountains of NW Montana.  Good weather encourages on site visits, which is good because there's more of it to be done.

As always, thanks for reading.  For those who write letters of encouragement or comments: Thank you and keep those cards and letters (emails) coming.  I read them all and respond to every one.