Historical Fiction Giveaway and Bargain Books

Historical Fiction Giveaway & Bargain Books

Dear reader:

I promised to remind you of this promotional opportunity.  The links below will take you to the pages where you can access books by several writers of Historical Fiction.  Some of the books are free, some are deeply discounted.  Either way, this is a limited opportunity to expand your library and sample the work of authors you may not have yet tried.  This ends Sunday, so don't wait! 


Our launch of Longshot made a splash on Kindle!

Launch of Longshot

#2 Best Seller!

I would be lying to claim no disappointment at not reaching #1.  Then again, Longshot was #2 against the world’s best-selling author, Jeffery Archer.  Not so shabby in my book!

Thanks to you who downloaded and shared our promotion.  You are the one’s that made it happen!

<Big cheesey grin>