Happiness is Where You Find It

Happiness is Where You find It || Keith R. Baker Blog

Dear Reader (for dear you are),

My hope is that you all had a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year celebration that included family and friends.

Here we are in the second full week of 2016 already, so it seemed time to do a little updating.

First, allow me to share a few obligatory lines with you about the plight of authors the world over, specifically including my own.

Many claim that there is "no time like the present" to be an author, and this is true in many, many ways.  But because that is so, there has never been a time when so many authors and their books surged into being at the same time.  This condition creates many problems of its own, including survival of the author(s) who brings their work to the attention of the largest audience.

Thus, we write, (in addition to our books), all these other such things as blogs, FaceBook pages, newsletters and websites, all in the hope of growing our list of devoted readers.  In this regard, YOUR help is needed.  You see, I can only reach YOU.  I need YOU to reach others.  So do please Forward and Share and Retweet and talk with your reading friends and relatives - I need the business.

To that end, let me help you to help me.  I've written a short story, (some call them Chapter Books), which is an adjunct to the Longshot Series.  This first one is titled, An Irish Woman's Joy, and introduces Rob Finn and his wife Bridget in the beginning of their relationship more than ten years before the beginnings of Longshot In Missouri takes place.  Like I said, it is a short story, meant to be read in one sitting.  It is available FREE as a PDF or Mobi download in exchange for the simple act of signing up for the mailing list there.  My promise to you is that I will never sell your name nor will I bombard you with sales, etc.  I will send out occasional announcements and occasional FREE STUFF to those on that mailing list.  You don't need to BUY anything to get the FREE STUFF, you just need to make certain your name is on the list.  

Is there a catch?  Don't be silly.  Of course there's a catch.  The FREE STUFF, including this first short story, will normally ONLY be available to those of you who have shown the good judgement of subscribing there.  Since I'm already writing the second part to An Irish Woman's Joy, you might want to sign up right now, while you're thinking about it.  Here's the link: http://eepurl.com/bCTQiH. Please be sure to forward to your reading friends and family.

More good news!  Rob will definitely be heading West again and soon!  Unfinished business in the Montana Gold Fields and with Henry Plummer and his Indian friends demand it.  I sure hope you plan to be along for the adventure.  People so often turn out to be different than what we've been told ...

~ Keith