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Book #3 of this series, (whose working title remains elusive and has changed a few times), is currently in its third re-write.  The first attempt at getting the story down failed seven chapters in. This was a result of trying to follow some well-intended advice to shift the voice (story-telling perspective) to the first person; in other words to write as though the character(s) were telling it.  Thus, 'He eased back his shoulder' would become 'I eased back my shoulder', etc. This just did not work out for me or Rob, (or any of the other characters for that matter).

So, I attempted to edit those first seven chapters of that draft to put it into the usual voice that I write from.  That turned out to be a disaster, as it took all the "freshness" away from the action and dialogue as they were first written.  After about three and one half chapters of re-writing, I couldn't take it anymore.  I scrapped that original manuscript and the re-write.  Label this one, Effort Number One.  

Between Effort Number One and Effort Number Two, the keyboard operator was downed with a case of serious bronchitis for two weeks.  I hate when that happens, but so long as I recover, I figure things could always have been worse.

The second attempt was to start over anew with a very similar plot and story line, and only a few new twists, etc.  My keyboard and its operator fiddled and faddled with that approach for over a month before it, too, was abandoned.  We no longer had enough connection with what was left of it to continue.  And, the keyboard needed a new perspective.  Label this one, Effort Number Two.  

The keyboard and its operator found a happy medium: Why not create an AudioBook of Longshot In Missouri  (Longshot book #1)? The idea seemed to resonate with us, so the keyboard and I set about learning how such a project would be accomplished.  Voîla!  We received a couple of high-quality auditions from several professional actors and selected the one whose performed most delighted the listener's ear.  His name is Aaron W. Miller and in addition to being an author and actor himself, he works as a theater director for a local high school.  The man is very talented–I love hearing the voices and accents he brings to his performance, as well as the dramatic emotion he imparts.  I'm hopeful you will also enjoy it.  As of this week, the first chapter of Longshot In Missouri is complete in AudioBook form.  We will continue to carry this project forward with a target completion date being the first part of June.  Meanwhile, working on this Audiobook project was just the break that Keith's keyboard and brain seemed to need.*whew*

So now the two of them, (keyboard and brain), are just musing right along as Longshot #3 write's itself without others getting in the way.  This is Effort Number Three and we are all, (Rob, keyboard, and Keith), determined that "the third time will be the charm!"  And because it has taken me longer than my writing plan for 2016 called for, I'll share just a couple of things for those of you faithful enough to subscribe.  Longshot #3 opens in a gold-mining camp; Rob becomes a grandfather; a circus is involved somehow along the way; Rob has another child (or is that two?); not everyone nor everything is as they seem; treasures are where you find them.  Let's go looking!


We're giving away free downloads of the Kindle version of Longshot Into The West (book #2 of the series) today, April 11 and tomorrow, April 12th.  But THAT is NOT ALL.  Five other authors are also having free Amazon Kindle Book downloads right along with me.  And you can find all of their books by clicking here.  Authors spend a great deal of time, energy, and money to give away books to readers–it is how we advertise!  So please! Download the free books we make available, read them, review them.  Encourage friends and family to do likewise.  We thank you for reading, reviewing and sharing our work!


For those who may be interested:

Part 2 of "An Irish Woman's Joy" is nearing release.  Ssubscriber's will be able to download this Kindle version book for free.  When it is completed, it is my plan to release the combined Parts 1 & 2 as a Novella or Novelette under the title: Bridget's Story. It will be a prequel to the Longshot series, though it can be read anytime along the reader's journey without loss of content.

Okay, okay.  I know that not every one is a fan of non-fiction, (other than cookbooks, of course).  But my first non-fiction book, The Beginner's Guide To Your First Handgun, has received enough interest that I am working on a follow-up to it titled: Why The Youth Model 20–Gauge Shotgun Should Be In Your Home.  If you have reasons why you believe it shouldn't, that's fine, but no need to argue about it.  Keep those to yourself and we'll continue to get along just great.

... and then there's the Science Fiction thingee ...  There!  I've done it!  It's out there!  No more secrets between us.  In those times of thinking about plots and characters and scenes and such, I sometimes retreat to my formerly secret, Science Fiction Novel.  Its working title is: EL - 4, but that's all I'm sayin'.  For now, at least.

Feel free to contact me via the Facebook page, or the website, or even my everyday email address at: .  In fact, I encourage it.

Thank you for reading,

~ Keith